May 29, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Laura Lee







Abandoned garage

near the chemical plant,

all praise for

unlocked doors.

Do not touch me

I warned him,

I am armed.

You may sleep



Look, he said,

I’m a poet,

not a soldier.

Look at the sky–



Don’t tell me,

I said.


Bone on cement

he slept first.

Bone on cement

I pretended to sleep,

a woman alone

with a poet-soldier.

At dawn, I did notice

the gold. Damn him.


Where are you going,

he asked. I wanted to say

But could not.

Anywhere but here,

I said. It’s getting closer, listen–

both our eyes turned towards the

pop pop pop.






Laura Lee

My full name is Laura L. (Lee) Koenig and I write under the name Laura Lee.  I am a teacher, poet, and writer living near Chicago, IL.  My most recent publication was a poem in the Journal of Modern Poetry, Volume 21, Dear Mr. President.   My website is at http://lauraleewriterpoeteducator.com

I’ve taught every grade level from Kindergarten to College, and spent most of my teaching career teaching at the high school level, reading, English, and ELL.  I am passionate about the power of literacy to improve lives! Currently, I teach at the College of DuPage outside of Chicago, IL.

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