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Sonal Suryaanchala




The Homecoming of a Bisexual Soldier in Irresistible Love



I don’t know if I am a dark soul, I wanted the war to never end.

Four of my springs passed away like the squawks of a golden hummingbird caught in black widow’s web.

Seeing a meteorite shoot through the bust of statue of Mars making the god of war heartless.

I was sitting frustrated on a loo inside a powder room in an abandoned mansion.

Wearing the winter uniform stained all over with the blood of a conscripted teenager for sixty some days.

Filled with pessimism, flinging away the bottle of liquor taken from a bar that became empty after two sips.

There was a hazel eyed blonde boy I once jumped with into blue moonlight to crash land in a garden of burnt red roses.

Coming to know what I am or better have been all my life

Men were sailing into a fathomless dark den under the firmament brutally fragmented into blue day and black night.

Leaving behind the uninhabited black sand beach cluttered with large chunks of melting transparent ice still shining like gold nuggets in the gloaming.

Unlike the ship’s prow covered in darkness. The beach was calling us.

For a moment I felt like jumping out with him to go back to where we started from.

Knowing well what we need to go through, an angry ocean red due to the violence of predators.

We knew what living with a camouflage was like,

A caterpillar inside its mere cotton like temporary cocoon spun from fine silk.

I loved to visualise the words and verses of hope that used to be spoken after taking me in the arms in the dingy condominium reeking of piss stench.

He once said that our lives are just like a tranquil cyan waterfall

The water all along its course repeatedly passes through numerous transient colourless phases whenever falling from height, immaterial whether great or less.

Accelerating, eroding and spattering before reclaiming the lost colour

Going beyond one can see, brimming with brio and resplendent lives, covered with the stars of sun glitter.

But, we knew we could actually be someday hiding under the green water of cupid’s fountain like the ill starred couple of North.

Turning blue as two cursed hope diamonds at the pedestal, amidst sirens blaring and church bells ringing.

Having tried all the gods: Greek, Roman, Hindu and satanic.

We fell down flagellating. Lulled by cool breezes, I saw us swimming towards each other in a cavern sublime just as the sea caves I swam into during childhood.

Awe struck. Cave glowing indigo due to glow worms like the core of a nuclear reactor during great fusion in great heat doing away with darkness.






Sonal Suryaanchala

Sonal Suryaanchala is an engineering graduate and budding poet living in Patna, India. He accredits his penchant for writing to his father also a prominent former journalist working for many national newspapers and magazines.

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