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Adegbe Samson




We Were Boys



We were boys, who danced from the hips of men,

At the stricken age of the day.

Passing through mountains of flesh, into homes,

That dressed, and weaned us.


We were boys, who multiplied in sizes,

As each day sprinkled on us visuals,

That was always enough,

To make us lions.


We were boys, who needed brains and wisdom,

And so, we read them in order to be accepted.

As responsible,

And future leaders.


And as every boy, who fed of inquisitive,

We searched markets, for glues for our souls.

We even waited for ribs at night rendezvous,

Only to reap fruits that soured our mouths.


Even with our mountains of hope and vision as boys,

We kept them straight in our hearts,

Never in our pockets,

While we had to set the wages with life.


Today, we haven’t traded our gender yet as boys.

And the grain of moustaches have increased in parallel to our failures.

We have been hurt and taught by our experiences.

Though necessary, but pain was the price paid.


We will continue to be boys,

But now men in boys,

Feeding of, our plates of experiences,

Marching through life on teachable spirit.






Ride My Boat



Ride my boat, ride my boat.

Through the storms of life,

And dreams of the mind,

Even through this ocean of impossibilities.


Ride me through mistakes,

That have held me bound,

And given me out to pain for feast,

Which forever lingers.


Ride me through pride,

That sits on my shoulder,

That crowns me with illusions,

And wouldn’t leave after the rain.


Ride me beyond gold, and land,

Those utmost price man toil for.

Ride me beyond myself,

And take me home.






Adegbe Samson

My name is Adegbe Samson. I’m a writer, Poet and a Human physiologist. I have authored story books such as “The butterfly’s wing” and “The entrepreneur“, which can be found on Amazon.

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