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David Adejumo




Ocean of Troubled Waters



I see the world burning in flames,

And the love in our hearts

Growing cold and lost

I see mankind disregarding trust

In its dealings

And jeopardizing the future

Of the world today…


O’ I was born in age,

Where many are dreamers,

In which the hope of their future,

Looks bleak with no bearing,

And their fate, “In the Hands of God”


O’ I was born in era of chaos

Where the leaders of today,

Are concerned with mindless power politicking

With empty verbose promises,

And a throng of blind followers

Looking for a means to satisfy their bellies…


O’ I found myself in a world

Where man has killed man

With the body count of the dead

Piling up daily.

Oh! Who shall rescue

The poor mother and child

Who are victims of war

In the midst of these madness?


O’ I was born in an era where man

With his own hand is destroying

The one planet we could inhabit,

The trees and vegetation

Mourn daily for they know

Their fate is sealed

In the wake of man’s deforestation…

The fishes and animals have gone rogue,

In search of new homes

For they have been rendered homeless

In the current trend of global warming

And climate change…


O’ I was born in a generation

Where religion and morality

Is gradually discarded,

With man living as a free animal,

The architect of his own woes

In a dangerous world

Where you must stand on your toes


O’ I live in an age

Where money sits as an over-lord

Dictating man’s decisions

And causing disharmony, distrust and bad blood

Between brothers of diverse nations

And nationalities

What hope has the common man in the world today?


O’ I found myself in a planet of shattered peace

Now plagued by epidemics and the marauding forces

Of the termites

Eating deep into the marrow

And core of our basic humanity


O’ who shall save the world

From this obvious decay?

For we are Beings on transit

To the dust where we came from…

Is this the future I will lay down

For my progeny?

Is this the world I will hand over

To posterity?





David Adejumo

David Adejumo is a Poet, Writer, Pan-African Historian and Essayist from Oyo State Nigeria, He studied History and International Studies in the university. He has had his works published on several magazines and blogs. He also has a book of poetry titled REDEMPTION: A SACRED RENDITION available for download on Amazon and Kindle store. He also has two books to CHRONICLES OF A NEW DAWN and TREADING ON MEMORY’S LANE to be published soon. He wishes to influence lives and change man’s mentality through his writing.

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