Ethiopia’s PM adds another feather to his cap

January 9, 2019 Africa , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS

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Addisalem Mulat



The Eritrean Press (EP) recently designated the reformist Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian premier, as EP’s person of the year 2018. He turned out to be the winner fair and square considering the gargantuan footprints he stamped on the unfolding of the outgoing year. He won the title with a great majority outvoting five of the nominees such as the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, Tiffany Haddish, Team John Bolton and Eritrean political prisoner Berhane Abrehe. As a matter of fact, the Eritrean president Afwerki was the runner-up.


As the Ethiopian premier, Dr. Abiy Ahmed is on familiar terms with the fundamentals of good governance and how to worm his way into citizens’ hearts through his invaluable administration strategies. As such, he has been unerringly hitting set targets again and again. Furthermore, despite logjams being put on the road by the impish, Dr. Abiy and his teams are trying to hitchhike Ethiopia to the zenith of success by maintaining the tempo of reform, taking place on a national scale.


This journalist approached people for their take on the crowning of the Ethiopian premier Dr. Abiy Ahmed as person of the year 2018 by EP.


As mentioned by civil engineer Elshaday Bereket, there is no gainsaying the fact that Ethiopia and Eritrea, the sisterly countries, had been at loggerheads for years because of the selfish TPLF leaders who had been giving the people of Ethiopia a hard time and mercilessly lining their pockets for over two decades. But it was the farthest thing from my mind that the two countries would come to a negotiating table to solve their problems in a peaceful way. I dare say, Dr. Abiy Ahmed takes the lion’s share in this regard apart from playing a major role in making peace in the horn of Africa.


He added: “Before the resignation of Hailemariam Desalegn, unrest was rocking the length and breadth of the country. Worse still, the whole lot was spinning out of Ethiopia’s control. The day turned into weeks, turned into months and turned into years but no solution could appear around the corner. The country kept on getting into uncharted waters. The country was facing a rocky road ahead. Thus everybody was anxious about the future Ethiopia.”


“All of a sudden, when the premier took office, he embarked on releasing several political captives and opposition leaders from a wide-array of political parties in addition to lifting the state of emergency posed by the unreformed regime. Moreover, the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea declared “The hatchet is buried!” almost immediately. The premier also saw to the reopening of the land border with Eritrea in addition to appointing women to different ministerial as well as other posts of the country. In light of these accomplishments, the premier deserves the title of the Eritrean Press’s Person of the Year 2018. Furthermore, I would like to thank the people of Eritrea,” he wrapped up.


Berket Samson is a lawyer by profession. He said, “The premier deserves the title of the Eritrean Press’s person of the year 2018 as his contribution in the horn of Africa is gargantuan and beggaring description. The fate of Ethiopians was under the cloud of uncertainty. As he knows the techniques of effective administration like the palm of his hand, he has opened a new chapter in the history of the country. After he took office, Dr. Abiy had given a green light to revelers to come back home, unclogged a wide spectrum of websites, set free social media, unchained blogs, thwarted bottlenecks on TV channels, among others. Furthermore, he has relieved Ethiopians from the burden of coercion.”


He continued: “He had brought tyrants before the court of law predominantly those who were giving the general public hard time. He is the ‘messenger’ of God. He has dried the tears of Ethiopians in a short period of time. Moreover, after many years of deadlock, the premier has made peace to prevail between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. To be frank, when I saw on live television footage, the leaders of the two countries, I could not believe my eyes. I could not control my innermost feelings. Recently, when I heard the news that Dr. Abiy Ahmed had won the title of person of the year 2018, prepared by the Eritrean Press, I grew to be very happy. The premier deserves the title without a shadow of a doubt. For sure, he will do miracles in the continent of Africa. President Isaias to deserve a tap on the back for the two leaders, in concert, have actualized happy days.”






Addisalem Mulat

A published author, journalist, translator, host of a newspaper interview, contributor to magazines and teacher from Ethiopia.  M.A holder in English from Addis Ababa University.

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    Eritrean Press has nothing to do With Eritreans. It is Owned by Ethiopians, ( Amhara). So, it is funny you acknowledge him as Eritrean but feel free to do for your political consumption.


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