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Manoj Pukhrambam




The voice of silence



I can hear the voice of silence

When the bullet riddled body lay on the ground;

When the dear departed makes no sound,

Then I can hear the voice of silence.


I can hear the cry of the souls

When the poor mother laments on seeing him dead;

When the beloved wife weeps next to his bed,

Then I can hear the cry of the souls.


I can hear the last breath of theirs

When they were randomly picked by the soldiers –

Being shot in the name of guarding the frontiers.

Then I can hear the last breath of theirs.


The silence has now been broken

For they can see our future forsaken.

The path shall now lead to glory

And leave behind for the world a great history.


I can now hear the voice of Freedom –

The voice that has been suppressed for so long;

The voice that can make us all strong.

I can now hear the voice of Freedom.






Manipur – a beautiful state in North-Eastern part of India – A land in bloodshed with violation of human rights by the security forces under the ambit of “Arm Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)”. Uncountable fake encounters, rape, massacres, extra-judicial killings being conducted by the military and police forces in the name of conducting counter-insurgency operations. 70 years now and the violation of human rights still continue.

This poem is dedicated to the on-going gun culture in the World, and particularly in places like Kashmir, Manipur and other states of Northeast India, where innocent lives become victims and subject to Human Rights violation under the barrels of the Guns.






Manoj Pukhrambam

The Poet is a multi-lingual poet and has written more than 70 poems altogether in English, Hindi and native manipuri. It is recently that he started submitting his poems for publication. His poems are filled more with patriotism or hard times of life or a blend of both. He is a teacher by profession.

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