The National Emergency That Never Was

January 11, 2019 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , United States

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Don Krieger



The task of propaganda lies not in a scientific training of the individual, but rather in directing the masses towards certain facts, events, necessities, etc., the purpose being to move their importance into the masses’ field of vision.” – Mein Kampf, 1925: page 231.


If the need for a wall to protect the US border with Mexico was truly important, President Trump was negligent in failing to ask Congress for funding earlier when his party controlled both houses.


Rather than working to protect the United States and to fulfill his constitutional responsibilities, he is using his Presidential powers to attack the Democrats in the House of Representatives, just as he is using those powers to outrage and frighten people of conscience throughout the world by kidnapping children at the US border. This latter is literally state-sponsored terrorism and is clearly meant to be so.


These actions play on the xenophobia and racism with which all Americans have been indoctrinated and to which many have succumbed. They are his staunch supporters, controlled by the dark side very much like the tragic villains in the Star Wars movies.


If President Trump declares a national emergency to satisfy his childish whim, perhaps that will be enough to move the House to impeach him for his flagrant abuse of authority and intimidation of the Congress, the people who work for the government, and the American people.


I don’t know the answers nor do I have the power to implement them, even if I did. But it’s a sure thing that reaching the nearly 1/3 of Americans who are qualified to vote but are unregistered must be high on our list. That’s more than 70 million people, easily enough to change the face of our corrupt and incompetent Congress, enough to pass Constitutional amendments, enough to push back against the madness.





Don Krieger

I have built satellites, worked in the operating room, been in a cult, …

I earn my living as part of a group which is trying to understand and treat head injury.

In my poetry and short blog pieces, I want to express ideas with unambiguous clarity and intensity.

I willingly sacrifice rhyme and meter, art, cleverness, elegance, and beauty for these.

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