We are all ‘Leave Remain’

January 11, 2019 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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David R Mellor



Brexit has now become like some newly discovered unpleasant relative you didn’t know you had. Most of us didn’t want it in the first place, but it looks like we are stuck with it. A second referendum would almost certainly bring about the same dumb outcomes. Mainly because REMAIN doesn’t sound good. It implies you’re happy with your lot. Whilst LEAVE appeals to those just fed up about, well anything, especially those in the forgotten areas of our country where I live.


I regularly hear in discussions with others “don’t mention the B Word,” as if that newly discovered relative has been sent to a lunatic asylum. After a period of silence, there comes “the French are, this are that,” etc. To say anything positive about the EU or for that matter European people risks being labeled a “snow flake.” Hate is macho and strong and instead of reaching out to our neighbours they would rather push them into the sea.


For many who voted leave, they thought all foreigners (meaning no whites) would be gone in the morning after the vote.


It is a strange irony that we may find that that unpleasant distant relative called Brexit may in fact result “when we take back control” in an unfettered deregulated economy resulting in worse economic conditions and life chances for all…


Except the ‘cream of the crop’ who will don their caps and say “Thank you, you lot.”





david r mellor

David R Mellor

Born 1964, (Liverpool, England) difficult birth, didn’t find my voice until my youth. Years of thinking I was nobody and treated as such. However, hit the paper papering over the scars. Found understanding and belief through words. I have been published and performed widely from the BBC, The Tate, galleries and pubs and everything in between.

My poems are autobiographical, others topical and several my take on life. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. Please feel free to share your thoughts on links below.

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