The ‘American Knesset’: BDS and Dual Loyalty

January 14, 2019 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , United States

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Sami Jamil Jadallah



Even during the government shutdown, both Republicans and Democrats competed with each other to show which party is more loyal and dedicated to Israel, thus earning the right to rename the American Congress, the “American Knesset”.


This competition between the two parties does not reflect well on the American Jewish leadership and it clearly shows the powers it exercises over the American Congress ops the “American Knesset”.


The two parties will not initiate such action without being ordered by the powerful AIPAC and instructions from the Israeli Embassy and the Israeli government. If any, it shows that it is not Russia but Israel that has the toxic powers and influence over America’s elected legislative bodies, domestic and international politics.


It is so ironic that it is not the American people’s security or health that is priority for the “American Knesset”, but Israel. The government shutdown has dire consequences for America’s national security; safety and security of our national transportation system and funding the FAA to impact on the Food and Drug agency, to the much needed social security checks of tens of millions of Americans. Our “American Knesset” made sure these are not the priorities but Israel and the BDS movement.


And then Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, an “Israeli First”, daring to question the newly elected Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib when she tweeted “remember the country you represent.”


This statement caused Senator Rubio to go ballistic accusing Congresswoman Tlaib of being Anti-Semitic, the accusation Zionists use when they have no good valid and reasonable argument to defend Israel and its Fifth Column in the US fails.


Not so sure if “Israeli First” members of Congress who tried and failed to push for a senate bill that would have penalized companies and individuals from advocating or boycotting colonial and settler’s Israel remember the Boston Tea Party which triggered the Revolutionary War and the independence of the US?


Just a reminder “the Boston Tea Party was a political and mercantile protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston” strongly opposed to the tax levied by Colonial Britain in violation of their rights and in what is known as the Townshend Act. The Boston Tea Party culminated in the birth of a free and United of States of America.


As such the Palestinian initiated BDS movement is as American as the Apple Pie. It is intended to end the colonial and settlers rule of Occupied Palestine, with the primary objective to boycott businesses operating in the illegal and criminal Israeli settlements. Frankly why not a One State for All of its citizens, the merging of Israel and Palestine into one State.


Senator Marco Rubio, together with other “Israeli First” senators like Chuck Schumer, introduced the first senate bill for 2019 to criminalize the BDS movement by overriding the US Constitutions and First Amendment rights.


Senator Rubio, quick to draw the gun of “Anti-Semitic”, tweeted “this dual loyalty canard is a typical Anti-Semitic and BDS issue is not about freedom & equality but about destroying Israel.”


The American public must be reminded of the words of the late President George Bush, “One lonely little guy”, who decided to face the powers of the American Jewish leaders and AIPAC when he asked Congress to delay the $10 billion loan guarantees Israel asked to cover the costs and expenses of expatriating over one million Russian Jews in 1991 and putting conditions of settlement on freeze.


Thomas Dine, Executive Director of AIPAC referred to this day as “A day of infamy for the American Pro-Israeli Community”. Of course the president, “lonely little guy”, backed down and Israel got what it wanted confirming that our Congress is an American Knesset.


If there are questions about “Dual Loyalty” one must raise the issue of the decisions by many candidates seeking national office in the US with the mandatory first visit to Israel to show their commitment and loyalty to Israel and the American Jewish leadership and its money. And this goes for the first international trip newly elected members of the American Knesset must make to Israel. Just think of the billions of dollars voted by the “American Knesset” without even 5 minutes’ debate.


Potential presidential candidates, even senatorial or gubernatorial candidates, do not make a point of visiting ruined Detroit or Gary but they travel thousands of miles to a foreign country to seek its blessings and pledge loyalty of lifetime service to Israel and its agenda. Now that is a Dual Loyalty. Yes, Senator Rubio there are issues of “Dual Loyalty” and it is time to bring these out into the open and let the American public see what is going on and the power and influence Israel and its lobbies exercise over our government institutions.






Sami Jamil Jadallah

Sami Jamil Jadallah is a US citizen, an immigrant from Palestine with over 35 years of international legal and business experience in the US, Middle East, Europe and North Africa. He is a Veteran of the US Army and holds a BA degree in political science and economics, a master degree in public and environmental affairs and doctor of jurisprudence from Indiana University.

Active in international and local affairs, Sami is a co-drafter of the Preamble for the Constitution of the One State for All of its People in Palestine and is active in veteran’s affairs in support of their re-integration in American society. He lectures and writes on a variety of topics including terrorism, social, economic and political issues related to the US and the Middle East.

Sami believes that education is the only way to transform the Middle East into a peaceful productive region and calls on all foreign troops to get out of the Middle East, leaving the people to shape their own destiny. Sami is in semi-retirement but fully engaged in voluntary work and engaged in the peace movement in the Middle East.

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  1. [email protected] January 15, at 13:02

    If the money needed for Israel both the White House Abd Congress will find a quick way to give it away with 5 minutes or less debate. But when it comes to the American people everything needs debates and shutdown


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