January 14, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos




Revolutionary democracy



I) Revolutionary



When things

Get out of hand

When citizens

Clamor for their demand,

With snipers

We shall scatter

Them like

Wind-blown sand.


“Embrace what we say!”

Is the order of the day.

Respect to elites, the elderly

Religious leaders and

Also sacred moral values

Do not pay.

Anti-terrorist law

Stifling media law

Strangulating civic society law

Dampening election law


Every law seen low

We shall offer

As a political law.




II) Democracy



International aid or loan

When we seek,

A democracy cap

For media consumption

We will pick,

Putting in play actors’

Mouths words

Via which we speak.






Alem Hailu G/Kristos

A published poet, novelist, editor, translator of masterpieces, literary critic, playwright and journalist from Ethiopia. M.A holder in literature, Addis Ababa University.

Looking for a traditional publisher of a collection of poems. My novel: ‘Hope from the debris of hopelessness’.