April 15, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Punam Sharma




Serpentine queue



She stands in the serpentine queue

with all the eligible voters from her family

under the blazing relentless sun

she is used to the queues

queues for rations, queues for gas cylinders,

queues for dole, queues for daily wages

after back breaking work

she waits patiently for her turn

(like many around her)

to repay the cost of a saree, some cash,

a bag of grains and a bottle of arrack

(for her good-for-nothing spouse)

not knowing that her vote can make

a difference to the outcome

and make a mockery of democracy.


She sits listlessly

under the humming air conditioner

sipping chilled daiquiri

watching with disinterest the serpentine queues

outside polling booths

not inclined to brave the heat and dust

to cast what she thinks is her meagre vote

(there are many like her)

she has never stood in a queue all her life

and elections won’t change that!

her husband has an important meeting

her kids are holidaying in the Swiss Alps

the elections too inconsequential for them

to disrupt their busy schedules

thus democracy is mocked again.







Punam Sharma

Punam is a stay at home mom and wife who resides in New Delhi, India. She writes poems in both English and Hindi. She also freelances as a contributor to English and Hindi textbooks for primary schools. She blogs as paeansunplugged. (http://www.paeansunpluggedblog.wordpress.com)

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  1. Prabha Jha April 25, at 09:03

    Poonam way to go .... I can see you up there ?? Surely much more on your way !

  2. Latika Agarwal April 16, at 12:03

    The emotion is so palpable.....in both the cases....well penned punam

  3. calmkate April 15, at 22:47

    You describe the farce so well, and the wife left behind ...

  4. Shubha April 15, at 13:56

    What a nice capture of the irony.... it's hits hard too... Keep up your outpourings

  5. Christine April 15, at 13:09

    This was one of my favorites. Wonderful Punam ??

  6. Debika April 15, at 12:52

    WOW Punam.. so so well done.. applauds dear.. miles to go girl.. much love.. ????????????


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