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April 15, 2019 Nigeria , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Aliyu Musa Dada



It is sad to note that the youth of today are dissimilar to those of yesterday. Undoubtedly, youth are the backbone and supporting wall of societal development, but we (youths) mostly embark on wrongdoing instead of good nowadays.


The youth of today embark on getting themselves out of school, trouble-making and destroying the peaceful coexistence in our society by involving in the menace of sara-suka (thuggery) and drug abuse, among others.


But most of the youth ought to be educated as enshrined in the Constitution as one of the rights of any Nigerian, (i.e. right to education). However, it must be noted that acquiring education these days is expensive. A poor man’s child cannot easily get sponsored for school due to exorbitant fees. It therefore becomes imperative for the government to declare a state of emergency in education to address the issue; perhaps at the end of it all the Nigerian youth will be educated.


A number of the youth of today engage in political thuggery instead of participating in political activities. As a young person myself, I advise the youth not to partake in terrorist activities or any other social anomaly, instead, build yourself to be good so that you will become useful to the society someday. Think wise and right so that you will make a wonderful end.





Aliyu Musa Dada

Aliyu Dada, a 100 level student of Bauchi State University Gadau (basug) from the department of biological science.

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