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Margarita Gluzberg



Rick Davis






chronic pain

is a cup


of darkness.

but with the



of wistful eyes


i find balance –



but also

the peace of


drifting clouds

that refresh


my body dazzling

so in my


God concentric



i encounter

giant flowers


and delicate clover

of my heart.


flying through sky

i breathe


the boundless space

of my own mind


which is free

as a flock


of swallows.










Fitful Dreams




like a rainbow


is loud.

Starlings circle


hazy sky.

Their echoes


tame my heart

and wipe


distant watery eyes.

Lightning sighs.


Ghosts walk

the shoulders


of expansive road.


Grief is a planet.











Rick Davis

I am a Poet and life-long Chicagoan, married, and am a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University.

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