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A Man Marries a Little Girl in Nigeria as Part of Culture

AP photo   By Joseph Besong In Africa culture plays a very big role in marriage, especially in the traditional setting. Some marriages still accept old traditions that look ancient and old fashioned.

Fiction from Ani Kayode Somtochukwu

  We today feature two short stories from Nigerian writer Ani Kayode Somtochukwu: ‘The Day It Rained In Kano’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’

Letters from Collins Arikor to a not-yet-30 Nigerian girl

  By Arikor Ogonnaya Dear not-yet-30 Nigerian girl, I duly received your earlier letter asking me what you must do before you turn 30. It was a very expressive letter, though only flawed with a couple of grammatical errors here and there.

IGNITE By Rona Shaffran: A Review

            By  Val B. Russell   Women and men, conjugated verbs in a physical universe. Each individual striving to express the spiritual experience of coupling, through the rise and fall of the clay footed icons of matrimonial union.  One after another, each  is toppled until we are left with only […]