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Why Do You Say


Teresa Di Matteo


Why do you say that it is

So great?

Or sing it praises

So outwardly clear?

You know that it’s not

With the slightest of ease

Such a torment to hold

And behold.

Thinking on air to lovingly seek

What others hold

trifling so.

To live in the now but for

Others here,

That they may never see it

As such.

Yet still you do say that it is

So great,

And sing it praises

More ravishing.

And still do you know

That it’s not worth the slight.






Teresa Di Matteo



There is a hush that fills the silence of the world.

It is quiet and my stomach lurches at this deed,

This woeful task, haunting me as the steps echo

Their orderly pattern down the path,

Where not a sound is heard but the constant pitting and patting,

Which quiets the silence and hovers over the blankets of the non-believers,

Who leave a mess of folds fixated on the neatness of

Softly falling,

Gently calling,

White masks, to lay the earth to rest.

Quiet in its sleep does the land lay about,

And does not disturb the shadows in their lengthy slumber.

Those who wake them, dare

To disturb what has been long awaited and strived for by a drench of tears.

Not the tears for labors sake,

Nor the cries for what will be missed,

But relief and loss of strife,

And welcome of the warm snowy blanket,

Which by unfortunate mishap,

Has been covered,

And tarnished by the unwanted folds of the mess of hidden attempt

In themselves, but all it is, in truth,

Nonetheless, is pity un-shown?

And thrown,

To build up their insides in time for the harshness of the

Howling, scowling,

Glowering, blustery



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  1. Selma March 29, at 05:16

    Hi Michael, your poems were excellent. The power of the 'Eve factor' can't be denied. Very well said!

    • Michael April 25, at 12:00

      Hello Selma, Thanks for appreciating my Poem.

  2. Selma March 29, at 05:14

    Hi Robert, beautiful, beautiful imagery - "blues plunging into viridian" - WOW. I love that. Bravo!

  3. Selma March 29, at 05:11

    Hi John, 'Escapes From The Ordinary' really stood out for me. I like everyday life as subject matter. You can do so much with it. The image of the milk being poured down the drain is a striking one!

  4. Selma March 29, at 05:06

    Hi A.J. You've got some FAB images in your poems. I love - "Throw a wish to the wind. And I will save it in a can." as well as - "A hand I have never met snaps a shutter against the moon." Brilliant!

  5. Selma March 29, at 05:03

    HI Teresa, I particularly like your poem 'Winds' - it is very powerful. Thank you.

  6. Selma March 29, at 04:58

    Hi Fiona, Just wanted to say I enjoyed both of your poems very much. I can relate to 'Sifting For Gold' a lot. Your final stanza is so apt.

  7. Selma March 29, at 03:15

    Hi Ian, your depiction of the enduring story of Pierrot and Columbine was quite moving. It tugged at my heart that he was broken and that no one had pity for him. A tale of woe, indeed.

  8. Selma March 29, at 02:36

    Hi Liam, I really liked your poems, in particular 'This Town.' The rhythm of it made it read like a song. I can relate to the line: " She asked how we’re going to get out of here," Oh yeah!

  9. Selma March 29, at 02:04

    Hi Ilona, just wanted to say I thought both of your poems were excellent. There is a bleak kind of beauty contained in both of them. The one about the fisherman really got to me. I was greatly affected in an emotional sense by the oil spill in the Gulf. I don't think I'll ever get over it. Thank you for your profound images.

    • Ilona Martonfi August 31, at 21:39

      Hi Selma, thank you for the kind words. Hope your summer was great. Cheers, Ilona

  10. eleanor shannon March 24, at 17:48

    Prmtime Guy and Sifting for Gold are two of the most beautiful and interesting poems I have read in a long time.

  11. Kay March 05, at 12:23

    Beautiful poems. The March showcase is full of life and I love Michael's mood of capturing beauty in a dancing array of peace.


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