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Beach Boy


John Grey


At a million years of age, the sea is clear.

Another million years won’t age a drop.


On sandy beaches, white-skinned women vow not to move.

This is a place for always looking at the sky.

Nothing folds, only the waves.

A book falls unread and the sun does the angel’s work.


I’m six year’s old, spotlighted where

this yellow ray descends,

my footprints never more tangible,

tiny holes curled up with foam.


A parent, as far away as thirty years of age

is calling, in between pleasured sighs,

“Don’t go too far!”


Is too far a million years back and forth in time?

Is it a stillness, a perfect tan?

Or could it be these imprints stretching everywhere

but where I’ve not yet been?

Maybe it’s a voice, loud and warning,

well-meaning but one I’ve yet to hear.



Escapes from the ordinary


John Grey


She misses milk deliveries,

the ones she’d forget to stop

when she went away.

Nothing said there’s no one home

so splendidly, snubbed its

gold-capped nose to the

ones who went nowhere.


Mail just doesn’t do it.

Bills overflowing the box

sneer she’ll pay for this

when she gets back.

And newspapers sprawled

across the lawn are worse.

Headlines of death,

destruction, in other places.


She remembers the old

days when she poured

bottle after bottle

of sour milk down the sink,

like dispensing with

that one week of her life

she didn’t have to live.


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  1. Selma March 29, at 05:16

    Hi Michael, your poems were excellent. The power of the 'Eve factor' can't be denied. Very well said!

    • Michael April 25, at 12:00

      Hello Selma, Thanks for appreciating my Poem.

  2. Selma March 29, at 05:14

    Hi Robert, beautiful, beautiful imagery - "blues plunging into viridian" - WOW. I love that. Bravo!

  3. Selma March 29, at 05:11

    Hi John, 'Escapes From The Ordinary' really stood out for me. I like everyday life as subject matter. You can do so much with it. The image of the milk being poured down the drain is a striking one!

  4. Selma March 29, at 05:06

    Hi A.J. You've got some FAB images in your poems. I love - "Throw a wish to the wind. And I will save it in a can." as well as - "A hand I have never met snaps a shutter against the moon." Brilliant!

  5. Selma March 29, at 05:03

    HI Teresa, I particularly like your poem 'Winds' - it is very powerful. Thank you.

  6. Selma March 29, at 04:58

    Hi Fiona, Just wanted to say I enjoyed both of your poems very much. I can relate to 'Sifting For Gold' a lot. Your final stanza is so apt.

  7. Selma March 29, at 03:15

    Hi Ian, your depiction of the enduring story of Pierrot and Columbine was quite moving. It tugged at my heart that he was broken and that no one had pity for him. A tale of woe, indeed.

  8. Selma March 29, at 02:36

    Hi Liam, I really liked your poems, in particular 'This Town.' The rhythm of it made it read like a song. I can relate to the line: " She asked how we’re going to get out of here," Oh yeah!

  9. Selma March 29, at 02:04

    Hi Ilona, just wanted to say I thought both of your poems were excellent. There is a bleak kind of beauty contained in both of them. The one about the fisherman really got to me. I was greatly affected in an emotional sense by the oil spill in the Gulf. I don't think I'll ever get over it. Thank you for your profound images.

    • Ilona Martonfi August 31, at 21:39

      Hi Selma, thank you for the kind words. Hope your summer was great. Cheers, Ilona

  10. eleanor shannon March 24, at 17:48

    Prmtime Guy and Sifting for Gold are two of the most beautiful and interesting poems I have read in a long time.

  11. Kay March 05, at 12:23

    Beautiful poems. The March showcase is full of life and I love Michael's mood of capturing beauty in a dancing array of peace.


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