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Emma Hall


On spring afternoons you sit by the pasture pond,

bait and bamboo pole in hand, and cast nylon line

under the circle of weeping willows trees- seeds


sown by your father. Their whips flap limply over

the water, waiting to be yanked down and swished

through the air to scare squawking geese. Skimming


rusted-encrusted barbs across ripple’s spread, you hook

bass trapped at Claret Dam and brought back home to stock

your pool. They slide around in shallows, fight for pallid


crayfish dug from burrows, hoping to satisfy the grumbling

in bellies left empty in bridled shoals. Each Spring, you

fill the pond with minnows scooped from forest streams;


catfish, carp, and bream corralled in knotted nets

and loaded pails. The corpulent bass will quickly snap

the slightest fish, and Autumn finds you throwing back


swimmers bearing scars of Summers past; barbs

protruding from swollen eyes. Still, they slide through

the muck searching out your slick lures once again.






Emma Hall


sealing the wind-drenched envelope

of November, trying to outrunthree a.m.,

you slept so soundly I couldn’t stir you


with igneous fingertips

reaching from my fluorescent corner.

while I watched the climb and cadence

of your breathing,


 the swallow, silenced

in this quaking rib cage,

pecked me hollow


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  1. Prince Mensah April 06, at 03:51

    Nana, the two poems are exquisite and full of food for thought. Congrats.

  2. EileenJ April 02, at 14:49

    Beautiful work. Especially love these lines: "the go ahead and breathe it’s okay freedom found in this in-between time." That's one of my own favorite things about this time of day.

  3. Evelyn April 02, at 01:51

    ahhh still love to read me and all these other poets... thanks Val!

  4. Dennis White April 01, at 17:51

    Beth, These two poems are just a brief sampling of your extraordinary talent and mastery of words and imagery. You deserve recognition for your work and I'm glad it is happening. Wishing you continued success in your writing endeavors. Dennis

  5. ed hart April 01, at 15:21

    oops, i called this wonderful poet Emma...sorry for that...but the sentiment still carries

  6. ed hart April 01, at 15:19

    Congratulations Emma...your poetry continues to life on strong wings...your words lead a natural rhythm, with delicate fingers sculpting the deep magic, the pleasure of life


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