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The Shad Run


Edward Rinaldi


there is beauty in
the madness of their driven swim
up nearly the entire length
of the hudson river
all the way to first lock ghosts

where melville and his
whaler ship dreams
chanced a portal entrance to
where the engine of money
was being remade into
an industrial ply of shaped clay
in all the slow alchemy of freight

barges here spin-weight time
at each spawn turn of a wheel
coal chutes and load docks
and penning words
to bear children in
the small presses of memory

we bank smells near Spring
where there is always
lingering in the tied tithes of nets
the way a river catches everything
we know our bleeding was meant for




Like fireflies Waiting 


Edward Rinaldi


when we turn
someone’s mind on
our flesh always follows
in breathless event
horizon falls to where
the darkness is
our light when called

and when swallowed through
to the other side of new
to the tided afterbirths
in the stars fade
that already knew
we would be there
in any moment

wading the crackle
the electric whip-snap
the turn to nourish
in an angler fish fed flourish
the slowest kind of biting sin
the instant we can complete ourselves in
a circuit of our wants and our sates
wired between our choices and our fates


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  1. Prince Mensah April 06, at 03:51

    Nana, the two poems are exquisite and full of food for thought. Congrats.

  2. EileenJ April 02, at 14:49

    Beautiful work. Especially love these lines: "the go ahead and breathe it’s okay freedom found in this in-between time." That's one of my own favorite things about this time of day.

  3. Evelyn April 02, at 01:51

    ahhh still love to read me and all these other poets... thanks Val!

  4. Dennis White April 01, at 17:51

    Beth, These two poems are just a brief sampling of your extraordinary talent and mastery of words and imagery. You deserve recognition for your work and I'm glad it is happening. Wishing you continued success in your writing endeavors. Dennis

  5. ed hart April 01, at 15:21

    oops, i called this wonderful poet Emma...sorry for that...but the sentiment still carries

  6. ed hart April 01, at 15:19

    Congratulations Emma...your poetry continues to life on strong wings...your words lead a natural rhythm, with delicate fingers sculpting the deep magic, the pleasure of life


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