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I welcome the night


Beth Winter


I welcome the night,

the haunting shadows stark
and breeze illicit,
the unbroken silence
that’s caressed by the distant train,
the accord of time and earth


I welcome the solitude,
the comfort unassumed
& unassuming,
the swaddling of terry and cotton
folds over naked limbs
with appearance and thought
unencumbered by assessments.


I welcome the hour unclaimed
by authority or demands,
the soothing and smoothing
in post-dusk pre-dawn’s serenity,
the go ahead and breathe
it’s okay freedom
found in this in-between time.


I welcome the night
for all that it isn’t
and is.





As time passes


Beth Winter


It wasn’t much,

a split second recall

– recoil,

as I found I had to do the math

to see how long it had been,


not like when it was fresh,

hours, days, weeks, months

lined up like the wrought iron fence

surrounding the cemetery,

all neatly in place,


straight-line perspective



When did counting cease

and memories settle

on a calendar square

to rush round & round,

trapped in an invisible circle,

focus on a passing date

without time’s progression?


Then regrets compound

as realization dawns,

I am comfortable without grief constant

and hope that in the infinite

of breath & death,

you understand.


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  1. Prince Mensah April 06, at 03:51

    Nana, the two poems are exquisite and full of food for thought. Congrats.

  2. EileenJ April 02, at 14:49

    Beautiful work. Especially love these lines: "the go ahead and breathe it’s okay freedom found in this in-between time." That's one of my own favorite things about this time of day.

  3. Evelyn April 02, at 01:51

    ahhh still love to read me and all these other poets... thanks Val!

  4. Dennis White April 01, at 17:51

    Beth, These two poems are just a brief sampling of your extraordinary talent and mastery of words and imagery. You deserve recognition for your work and I'm glad it is happening. Wishing you continued success in your writing endeavors. Dennis

  5. ed hart April 01, at 15:21

    oops, i called this wonderful poet Emma...sorry for that...but the sentiment still carries

  6. ed hart April 01, at 15:19

    Congratulations Emma...your poetry continues to life on strong wings...your words lead a natural rhythm, with delicate fingers sculpting the deep magic, the pleasure of life


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