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S M Abeles



I am the flattest rock,

the ideal skipping stone,

born for throws cheered by loners and throngs maddening

with every skip a step on a path

bestowing, godlike,

borrowed perfection.


After each side-slung hurl I sink to the bottom

(where I spend most of my time)

until low tide when they find me, irresistible,

but too hard to hold, too stark a contrast to imperfection, to weakness, to humanity,

tossing me anew

and making certain I know (as though reminder were necessary)

that while beautiful,

I am just a rock.


A nothing.








S M Abeles



Whenever I allow your fantasy

reality cracks,

as if to give way.


More and more I feel life’s splinter–

grounds groaning, walls cleaving–

this house teetering will soon be dust.


But I don’t care.







I am utterly untroubled.

When light replaces foundation

I know I’ll be home,

for the first time,

at last.





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  1. gmc September 13, at 11:50

    ON SWALLOW FIELD There's a song in the air Cruising hearts and souls Like an early morning Shining under a wisteria dew The wind blows from the hand Drawing circles of jasmine It's time for the desert rose To celebrate the white wedding Not a road on this wilderness Only savages play the survival A fiddle is dropping golden traces Mimosa memories as bright as old crows

  2. Jill September 11, at 09:40

    Hi I enjoyed reading The August Poetry......some wonderful phrases and words which delve deeply into one's innermost thoughts....particularly enjoyed Anne's two poems. Thanks for sharing. Jill

    • Anne Bradshaw February 08, at 14:05

      Thank you so much, Jill! I've only just seen your kind comment, and I agree - some great poems that month from all contributors. Thanks also, Tuck, for showcasing the work here.

  3. lyngheathbooks, Norwich. UK August 22, at 08:37

    An exciting new talent emerging in Cat Holt's poetry. Always ahead of the reader, some great lines -"Then more stop started out" - "Dusk purple air" - and surprising twists along the way. More please.

  4. Sam August 17, at 10:59

    Wonderful as usual Cat, I love the darkness of the second and the appreciation that beauty can be found in anything :)

  5. Sara V August 17, at 10:27

    De two amazing poems!! Love them both, such images and emotion with potent endings, wow:-)

  6. Pearl Ketover Prilik August 16, at 14:05

    Bravo De - I do believe "Packing Black" has become a new favorite :). Simply, viscerally, lyrically, emotively, exquisite - juxtaposition of searing regret and empowerment. Repeated lines - ripple - long after Again Bravo!

  7. Linda H. August 15, at 22:46

    These are wonderful. The first is so thought-provoking; the second so emotional. Great work, De.


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