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Bobbi Sinha-Morey



The stars were wild that

summer evening below

the gold crescent of the

new moon and every time

I heard you speak I found

your silent woman’s heart

had grown mellow again.

We laid down in the tiny lilacs

and the beauty of your spirit

was like the rapture of dusk

after the golden light of the

long afternoon. A new sweet-

ness and clarity began to

monopolize my own memory.

Compared to me you’ve been

caught between the grace of

your age and twilight years.

Now that your other half has

passed away he lives in the

paper house of your soul.

You’ve opened your folded

life again and you delve in

the world we’ve always shared,

trust being our best friend.







Bobbi Sinha-Morey



When I once saw you

again you were glassed

in my dreams, flecked

golden in the shy dawn

and above us sunlight

showered the sky for

hours as if yesteryear

had no place here and

time was hidden by

the breath we never

did see. The world was

motionless in my dream,

and it even stilled the

wind chimes’ song.

We stood by ourselves,

far away from home,

with no rain to wash

away the words that

we speak. Every inch

of air sparkled before

you had to leave.

In the space before

the partial eclipse of

the sun there’s no trace

of you now that you’re






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  1. gmc September 13, at 11:50

    ON SWALLOW FIELD There's a song in the air Cruising hearts and souls Like an early morning Shining under a wisteria dew The wind blows from the hand Drawing circles of jasmine It's time for the desert rose To celebrate the white wedding Not a road on this wilderness Only savages play the survival A fiddle is dropping golden traces Mimosa memories as bright as old crows

  2. Jill September 11, at 09:40

    Hi I enjoyed reading The August Poetry......some wonderful phrases and words which delve deeply into one's innermost thoughts....particularly enjoyed Anne's two poems. Thanks for sharing. Jill

    • Anne Bradshaw February 08, at 14:05

      Thank you so much, Jill! I've only just seen your kind comment, and I agree - some great poems that month from all contributors. Thanks also, Tuck, for showcasing the work here.

  3. lyngheathbooks, Norwich. UK August 22, at 08:37

    An exciting new talent emerging in Cat Holt's poetry. Always ahead of the reader, some great lines -"Then more stop started out" - "Dusk purple air" - and surprising twists along the way. More please.

  4. Sam August 17, at 10:59

    Wonderful as usual Cat, I love the darkness of the second and the appreciation that beauty can be found in anything :)

  5. Sara V August 17, at 10:27

    De two amazing poems!! Love them both, such images and emotion with potent endings, wow:-)

  6. Pearl Ketover Prilik August 16, at 14:05

    Bravo De - I do believe "Packing Black" has become a new favorite :). Simply, viscerally, lyrically, emotively, exquisite - juxtaposition of searing regret and empowerment. Repeated lines - ripple - long after Again Bravo!

  7. Linda H. August 15, at 22:46

    These are wonderful. The first is so thought-provoking; the second so emotional. Great work, De.


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