Corruption in society under the name of religion

November 23, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Shahper Hassan

Ours is a terribly sick society that under the cover of religion has taken altogether another path while distorting the meaning of religion. From top government officials down to the peon most of the people are corrupt and the establishment tops the corruption hierarchy.

First I will explain, why and how the establishment is corrupt, hypocrital and how they exploit religion and the religious sentiments of people. I have already mentioned their diversive techniques. They say it’s a Muslim state and their source of guidance is Islam. This might be true in paper work, but practically it’s exactly the opposite which is known. Their corruption and wrongdoings came to the level when the establishment— military-civil bureaucrats and officials, police and politicians—tried to be friends with the public to highlight an issue, making it dramatic, because an individual who they call a ‘criminal’ was engaged in sexual activities in a country that was not Pakistan. And these ‘activities’ made the entire nation sorrowful, and this nation felt humiliated.

First of all this ‘respectable’ nation needs to be asked what happens in the backyard of the Baadshai mosque? Then, what happens in hotels, rest houses in different places in this country? And what happens in privately held parties in the posh localities and even in remote places? In posh localities privately held parties are organized in a better way, and the crowd is mostly English speaking from reasonable educational institutions, while other sections of this society organize their parties as per their standard and style, mostly the ‘mujra’ style with local Punjabi songs whether they are Indian or Pakistani.

The Pakistani establishment that calls itself Muslim is hateably hypocritical. Their accumulation of wealth and the poverty level in the country says it all and is the proof of their hypocrisy. They are also above all kinds of accountability and law. Their domestic economic failures and political crimes and international needs require them to create the type of issues I am talking about and discussed in my previous articles. They have created the kind of society that has taken the meaning of religion in a wrong sense, a society that’s intolerant and illogical.

I am not saying that every person who claims to be religious is wrong here or those who are educated, secular minded, liberal minded, progressives are all wrong. But the majority is. Some people might understand religion, but the majority is wrong, misunderstand religion and misinterpret it for the people thus making them deviate from the true spirit of religion. This I am translating from a book Islami Nazriya Hayat (Islamic concept of life) ‘’If society changes its moral concepts and the standards for evil and piety are misbalanced, the path of conscience will also deviate.’’ And this is the exact situation of our establishment and society. Nor have they a conscience or moral values, and the result is a corrupt system and society that has many sections and class levels with different educational backgrounds or no education at all. And even the educated people lack civic sense, and there are multiple reasons.

So many issues that are created can’t be blamed on the religious section, the non-religious people, and the secular class we all make society and therefore what I am saying is the collective behaviour of these people is wrong and immoral. Whether it’s a religious or social issue, dramatizing it first by controlling someone’s mind and manipulating someone’s fate proves the mentality and the criminal approach of these people. Before I talk about their religiosity and their own moral values, I would ask some basic questions and mention some basic points.

On Nov 18, Shahper Hassan said the following: Is not the United Arab Emirates a Muslim country? It is, and it is a far better country and has a far better system. Within their system they have discos and night clubs and people go there and live their life the way they want. While living there I might have made some mistakes, but the gravest mistakes were because of my mind control and force because of black magic and demons.

The biggest criminals were those individuals and those groups of people who interfered in their system and in my life. Some of them might be Emiratis, but the Pakistani establishment was more involved. And they were doing it with the contention that vice must be punished, this must have been their argument. ‘Demons’were imposed on me. I was already under their own ‘black magic’ which I mentioned I had no idea about, and meanwhile some other things were imposed on me, I don’t know whether they were and are through magic or some ‘Islamic’ scholars had imposed them on me.

As I am back in Pakistan things are getting more clearer. It is also possible that while this was happening in the United Arab Emirates, the ‘’vice must be punished and virtue be rewarded’’ teams gave the impression of being religious or there were different Pakistani teams covering each other, one doing ‘black magic’, other giving it the cover of religion so all were involved in creating confusion proving themselves to be ‘respectable’ and having high moral standards whereas this was not the case, and this is the reason I keep saying that this society and our Pakistani people are altogether off track and have nothing to do with actual religion, social and moral values which I have seen by the type of gatherings I was surrounded by some four to five months ago, and still am.

My reading of Islamic books and understanding of Muslim faith and the personalities such as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his companions and other people clearly give me the idea of who a Muslim is. They were better people and only following them makes us better Muslims if we want to be practicing Muslims. But we cannot enforce on others, whether someone has to follow their path or no. If we do this, we become a state where the Taliban ruled.

Actual, proper, reasonable and clean Muslims who understand religion will not get involved in ‘dirty’ activities that I have seen closely in the past few months in posh localities at a news channel office and at the place where I am now. So the establishment and the groups they use distort religion, misinterpret it, manipulate it and their contention is “Yai zaleel howa” (this person got humiliated), whereas the fact is, “Yai khud zaleel howay” (they themselves got humiliated) along with society.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles which I am sending to different people, the establishment and groups they use were themselves getting humiliated and therefore my story had to be staged. While I was living my life others interfered in it, which they had no right to whatever the claim is. But because everything was planned this way, I had to be blamed. As I continue writing and my research work goes on, I will explain what a society is? What a citizen is? What a state is? What is Muslim faith? Pakistani society has gone terribly wrong. Sexually hungry and frustrated people, they harbor dirty sexual thoughts and have transmitted their thoughts to others and their gatherings are organized because they like talking about it, that’s what they are. And they are taking this drama in which I have been humiliated to the level where they might kill me because they want to prove their piety and that they are virtuous whereas above mentioned situation is what exactly they are.

These type of third class people interfere in the life of others, humiliate them and become respectable. These groups are blackmailers, they are basically jealous and shameless people. I also feel that their attempt in the United Arab Emirates was to create unrest there, and they wanted to destabilize it.

Being a critic, a journalist what I noticed about Dubai is it is a lot different, liberal, beautiful and progressive. But even there laws and system in a way are confusing which need to be looked at/reviewed.

What I could not understand was that on one hand, there are discos, dancing, alcohol, girls and everything, and people obviously have sex in hotels if they don’t have their own place or may be they prefer hotels for any reason. One point that’s not understandable is when they allow all this, how can someone be arrested on charges of drinking or having sex? Many times you read reports in Gulf News, Khaleej Times and other local media in Dubai and other emirates that someone was caught under the influence of alcohol or someone was caught because the person agreed to have sex with a woman who was an undercover cop and because it was a trap and just as the man took out cash to hand it over to the woman, she revealed her identity and that’s how the arrest was made.

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 Shahper Hassan

Shahper Hassan

The writer has worked as journalist for English dailies in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

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  1. P C K PREM November 23, at 10:29

    I hope you conclude the article well Mr Hassan because a harsh truth of contemporary times refuses to die. It is societal sickness and none is guilty and still every one holds others responsible for the lethal flaw. Hassan often tells facts curtly. Very fine.


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