My Last Letter to Mugabe

October 17, 2017 Africa , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Mbizo Chirasha



Dear Sir


Good morning. I believe you have just finished your early morning routine, jogging and a plate of millet porridge before you meet the bureaucracy for briefings and other matters calling for your duty. This letter is a reminder that citizens of Zimbabwe are not sex plastics that you use and discard to rubbish dumps when their chores are over. Zimbabweans have feelings, emotions, brains and consciences like any other citizen in any other country.


I want to start my letter by reminding you that the same poor vendors you embarrass, beat and abuse are the same voters you lose every day and night to vote for you. These are the same people who lost jobs in companies and parastatals you and your cabal looted and closed. These are the same people whose cash deposits were frozen in banks and who went to their hovels scampering like mangy dogs. The vendors you are whipping today are the same people frog marched by your fat cats to sing for you and lubricate your ego during your grand returns from money guzzling foreign trips.


These women and men of valour  who endure anopheles infested nights in open streets, hustling for cash to send their children to school, to pay for shit–laced drinking water and to pay for darkness in the name of electricity bills. These are the same people forced to close their poor vending stores to run in solidarity for South African street fights of Amai of everyone in the world. Sir these same people have been robbed of their rights by Saviour Tyson Kasukuwere and triple dribbled by one Chombo, they were sold a dummy in the name of housing stands to garner you votes and you know it. Every rain season your zealots will always order the demolition of their houses. Sir, this letter is a reminder because I know you know everything, otherwise you are the perpetrator of all these vices.


Sir, citizens are not plastics to be used and then discarded. Your wife bought expensive cars whose totems are out of this world. The majority of us are eating crumbs and enduring long queues every day to get bond coins. Your sons have topped booze and drinking charts in neighbouring countries while we can’t afford a pull of cigarette smoke to ease the stress of poverty lingering within our hunger infested hovels. Peasants are intimidated every voting season to vote for you so that they cannot lose their lives and farming plots.


Sir, are you sure that you are still able to drive the national ship or that some people somewhere are forcing because they have to hide their sins behind your revolutionary anthill. I am of the humble opinion that Zimbabweans need a break from your rhetoric, tribal connotations and madness. Remember Sir, this is a peaceful letter. Sir, remember you also still have to answer a lot of unanswered questions before you commit another sin against another tribe, the Karanga tribe. Victims of Gukurahundi still need answers to why their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers were killed. Yes, a true answer has yet to be unveiled from your lips. When is the official opening of that grand answer? Yes, the victims require an answer. We need to know why Sithole, Tekere, Chikerema, Chingaira are not on the heroes? We need to know also, where is Itai Dzamara?


Zimbabwe is not a monarchy where we have a queen, prince or princess as part of the bureaucracy. How does Grace Mugabe fit in the governmental matrixes of Zimbabwe?


There are families who lost their beloved during the 2008 election re-run. You never talked about it and rather there are so many militia groups known to be part of your violent campaign machinations like COZWA. Sir, you used to carry much respect from the masses but you are losing it, you have switched your eyes from the people, and are now just saving your skin.


There is one question that you never answered, what is your fear in passing the baton Sir? We need fresh minds and fresh ideas to take the nation forward. In Mazowe Grace Mugabe is whipping old men and old women for a chunk of their land. They have been chucked off the graves and the rightful land of their forefathers and mothers. Sir, I know you are old but I think you should have a conscience.


While I write this letter, scholarship holders in Cyprus are roaming the streets in search of survival, similar to students at Zimbabwean Universities. Remember Sir, this is an honest letter to you, there are no donor funds motivating this letter, do not dismiss this as one of those letters of paid zealots, sometimes it’s good to listen and repent. I have learnt that even old dogs learn new tricks. Lastly, please take the motorcade to Eyestone suburbs and see how children are soaked in the rain after their homes were demolished.


Sir, Citizens are not condoms to be used and discarded behind the political graffiti crowded walls.


Sin is always rewarded by sin.


Pass my greetings to Chatunga and his mother,




Angry Zimbabwean Citizen – Mbizo Chirasha (Poet, Writer, Citizen Justice Activist)






Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha is an exiled Zimbabwean Poet, Writer and Citizens Justice Activist. He is the Founder of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign whose Brave Voices Poetry Journal is regularly published by Tuck Magazine, while poems and the campaign are promoted at the Facebook Group, 100 Thousand poets for peace – Zimbabwe.

Mbizo’s Poetry can be found at and blog at also.

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