January 9, 2019 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Alex Brown







do not liken

your hell to mine

apples and razor blades

balance inequitable

the journey to said hell intimate


separate roads we travel

even if side by side

hazardous to stray stay in your path

thresholds and tolerance build

should we exchange shoes

or traverse the hot asphalts

hand in hand



the universal fork in the road

alone we suffer turn right

together we heal turn left

hotter is the asphalt when standing still






Alex Brown

I was born right outside of Atlanta, Ga. Spent my youth coming up with any excuse to visit the city, fascinated by the many different ways people lived their lives. It was on the streets of Midtown that I found myself among the queer community. As a gay man in his thirties I use poetry as a way to deal with inner thoughts and turmoils. Currently sober after many years actively using opiods, When I’m not writing or working my recovery, I’m sipping on a coffee trying not to let the many Netflix options overwhelm me.

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