Prime Time Guy


Fiona Pearse


From the side of his mouth

Comes a cartoon slipstream

Animated history

With moronic overtones


But to those who have noticed

The prime time guy

With the square-jawed Hi

Has a serious soul


It’s the distances that bother him

Standing in the middle

Of American Pie

Playing a mirror’s role


Pulling in the corners

Showing each the other’s

Prejudice colors

Like flags, home grown


Oh, he is celebrated

For his comic timing

But the air is polarizing

Outside the T.V. zone


And disparity is deepening

As he seeks reaction

To subversive attractions

Once the anchor man goes home





Sifting For Gold


Fiona Pearse


I’m circling this black box

Whose shape is still unknown

Adding in, taking out


I’m looking for the face

To fill the sculptors square

I know it’s in there hiding

But there is nowhere to hide


I chip away to reach it

Within the lions layer

Pacing patiently

And when it pounces


I shall say eureka

Because the piece will fit

The puzzle will be solved

And I can rest at last


But until then I sift the shale

And wait to see gold

On my large white writing pad

13 thoughts on “MARCH POETS

  1. Hi John, ‘Escapes From The Ordinary’ really stood out for me. I like everyday life as subject matter. You can do so much with it. The image of the milk being poured down the drain is a striking one!

  2. Hi A.J. You’ve got some FAB images in your poems. I love –

    “Throw a wish to the wind.

    And I will save it

    in a can.”

    as well as –

    “A hand I have never met
    snaps a shutter against the moon.”

  3. Hi Fiona, Just wanted to say I enjoyed both of your poems very much. I can relate to ‘Sifting For Gold’ a lot. Your final stanza is so apt.

  4. Hi Ian, your depiction of the enduring story of Pierrot and Columbine was quite moving. It tugged at my heart that he was broken and that no one had pity for him. A tale of woe, indeed.

  5. Hi Liam, I really liked your poems, in particular ‘This Town.’ The rhythm of it made it read like a song. I can relate to the line: ” She asked how we’re going to get out of here,” Oh yeah!

  6. Hi Ilona, just wanted to say I thought both of your poems were excellent. There is a bleak kind of beauty contained in both of them. The one about the fisherman really got to me. I was greatly affected in an emotional sense by the oil spill in the Gulf. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Thank you for your profound images.

  7. Prmtime Guy and Sifting for Gold are two of the most beautiful and interesting poems I have read in a long time.

  8. Beautiful poems. The March showcase is full of life and I love Michael’s mood of capturing beauty in a dancing array of peace.

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