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Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel



You Cry You Die



All my life defeat has been a friend,

in class i sat at a failing end,

where i had some friends,

and failure was the closest,

i had to fight on my own,

it gave me help by giving me no goal,

all my plans ended in one hole,

i cried and cried, i tried and tried,

i failed i cried,

i got back and tried,

i smiled and tried,

i failed i cried,

i got furious ones more and tried,

again i failed and again i cried,

there was no hope,

i had to look beyond the clouds,

to find solace  in the sky,

sometimes i felt to be happy,

The ambiance of my street,

Was like a curse to my feet,

i had to look within myself,

i saw someone else,

and he said,

‘you have to be enthusiastically inquisitive,

be sanguine,

do not sit nonchalant and lackadaisical and watch defeat win,

your journey is just like a two sided coin,

you have success and failure,

Let your imperfect self strive for perfection,

Fight yourself from within,

be true to yourself like the wind,

make it work without tears,

be indomitably strong,

Fight like you want it best not wrong,

Do what you love,

Let your zeal be driven by passion,

Don’t you ever give up,

And if they say you aren’t good,

Do not sob,

Because if you cry you die.’









Who Said Poetry Is Not Artistry?




a part of art,

painted with vocals,

drawn with lines of rhyme,

giving colour to odds,

unlike art in portraits and sculptures,

poetry flows in written and spoken words.



an ancient of beauty,

gives meaning to life,

shaded in charcoal of absurdity,

where truth hides in mediocrity,

but awoken by attention,

those ears that love,

if poetry can draw a person,

why can’t it be called artistry?


I have seen arts,

i have seen lines,

i have seen colours in words,

i have seen pictures that talk,

and words that portray a picture,


i have seen ambiguity,

i have seen well drawn zigzag rhymes,

and floating lines….









If A Poet Gets Paid



i would buy more words,

i won’t go for cloths,

i want to tell the worlds,

of the beauty of poetry.


I would go for love,

expressing myself vividly to world,

buying myself a huge heart,

to teach how much it pays to care.


I would be healthy,

to strengthen my ink,

i will spill them with agility,

i will make them shine like rubies.


I will give to the poor,

show them what passion caused,

travel the world to the moon,

and share in double.


I will encourage poetry,

uphold her with dignity,

show pride in her ivory,

and love her to eternity.


It takes concentration to think,

it takes experience to be creative.

Sometimes our happiness gets stolen,

our hearts get broken,

love turns hate,

truth turns fake,

trust lose strength,

hope lose fate,

but with poetry….


If a poet gets paid,

encourage poetry.










Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel

Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel is from Nigeria and is the fourth child of a family of seven. He is aspiring to study English and literary studies in university.


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